Head Anatomy 1, Week 2

Week of June 13
12h 22m of drawing

one day you write a song
the next day you write a poem
and then the third day you do a drawing
and none of it adds up to anything

all you're doing is laying a single brick of a million different houses and expecting that one day it'll magically become a mansion
> struthless

The past year I've tried learning how to make music, play guitar, do game dev, skateboard, and render with blender -- but I didn't reach a significant level with proficiency with any of these because I kept switching between all of them.

Drawing is the first thing in a while that I believe I'll stick with and get really good at.

I improved a ton over the past week. I started using a blending stick towards the end, and the increase in shading fidelity helped me define forms a lot better.


35m drawing
Cooked dinner and hung out with friends, but I still manage to squeeze in some time to work through the Proko tutorial on the anatomy of lips.


2h 25m
Started on the 100 heads challenge

I've previously read the advice of don't go to art school (tl;dr 4-year undergrad programs often focus on the conceptual rather than craft side of art, and they're very expensive), but right before I went to bed I started researching a 1-year concept art school in Singapore called FZD

I spent a lot of time this week collecting as many reviews and leaked course materials as I could. All students have to sign an NDA so it was surprisingly hard to find info. I think there's a 50% chance I travel to Asia for the first time in my life to attend FZD.

I posted some of my notes on FZD here


1h 55m
I like how having a fixed challenge, in this case drawing 100 heads from a list of references, removes the possibility of procrastination through decision making. It's clear that the only productive thing to do right now is put pencil to paper.


2h 2m


1h 52m
First time using a blending stick. I love how the two old men look.


2h 18m
Really happy with the shading of the two on the left


1h 15m
Got stuck at a party that I didn't want to be at, so it was nice to be able to draw in the corner.