A Week of SF Parties and Algoraves

Every night for the past week I've gone out with friends or to a party. Normally I stay inside and work on art and music; the past few days have been refreshing.

Hedonism week overview

  • Saturday: Kanye themed house party
  • Sunday: Watching the new Batman film
  • Monday: Watching Bojack Horseman season 1
  • Tuesday: Rock climbing with a new group of friends, then talking till 1am
  • Wednesday: Hot pot with Toronto friends, then listening to Donda 2 at my place
  • Thursday: Algorave and midnight burritos
  • Friday: Birthday party, then 3am city wandering
  • Saturday: Birthday party, midnight burritos, then algorave till late
  • Sunday: Dinner party with Toronto friends

It's been fun. So many memorable experiences in just a week.

It's been neighborly. I've met more people than I normally would in a month, and made friends that'll be part of my life beyond this week.

It's been exhausting. The streets of SF are magical at night with friends, but man was not made to fall asleep at 5am.

It's been subsuming. I haven't made art of music the past week. I haven't taken much time to step back and think or journal.

Scattered thoughts The events and people were wonderful, but I'd still like to be productive outside of work every week. I need to find some balance.

I want to work on music and art with more people

  • I'm following up with some people I met to do weekly art nights together
  • I'm hoping that the Interact Fellowship is a great place to meet more people my age who are thoughtful
  • Masker-spaces like Noisebridge could be a great place to find people with more experience to collaborate with

Lately I've been trying to meet people outside of the general "young startup people" crowd. Interested to see if the types of people I meet continues to shift towards hackers and algorithmic artists.

Serendipity with a bit of intention will shape my social circle in this city.

People I met and talked to for >5 minutes this week

  • Victor. Improved his dating profile
  • Alex Bricken. Minerva and generative art
  • Brando. Kanye, fashion, art, music, and stemplayers
  • Wayde. Connected over the culture shock that follows shortly after dropping out and working for the first time
  • Katt. Shared our love for Kanye, then traded thoughts on meaning
  • Brandon. Monologued on the benefits of Web3 for 15 minutes straight, and finished with "you're a great listener"
  • Theresa and Allie. V4 rock-climbers
  • Wesley. Convinced him that skateboarding might be the solution to his dissatisfaction with work
  • Shrav. Talked about life after of tech; potential futures in art and cooking
  • Berni. Talked about his ML time-series research, and my work at Numerai
  • Peggy. VR @ Facebook. Thinking of leaving to go build the metaverse on her own
  • Luella. Talked through her mid-life tech art existential crisis
  • Avi. Indie game dev, gonna go find him at GDC next week
  • Char. Live shader performer at algorave, she's so cool. Told me to join AVClub SF
  • Vincent. Played We're Not Really Strangers in a group. Jughead-like thoughtful moodiness
  • Aboli. Civil engineer in the streets. Weeb when discrete

I'll be hanging out with four of these people next week :)