Figure Drawing 2, Week 3

Week of August 22
4h 5m of drawing


1h 5m
Watching Proko's video on how to draw gesture made me realize that I've never really learned how to do this -- Kenzo's course taught me how to past shapes together to draw figure in the front, back, and side views, but I was always overly focused on contour as opposed to gesture.

Today I got in the groove of drawing the movement of a figure in two minute timed drawings, as opposed to getting caught up in the anatomy right away. I think this led to the drawings looking more expressive and less stiff.

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1h 35m
More timed gesture practice, along with learning the method of the bean for drawing torsos. Tried applying it to the gestures in the last page of drawings for today, but haven't quite gotten it down yet

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Spent the past few days engrossed in making an animated music video with After Effects for Hack Lodge. I wish I had made time to draw, but I'm back on it now



1h 0m
Last day in NYC before flying back to Toronto. Drew some gestures, then read the first half of the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson and tried drawing a frame from it.

Failing at this reminded me that I have a long journey of improvement ahead of me, but I'll get to the level I want to be at one day

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