Perspective 1, Week 3

Week of July 18
8h 5m of drawing

After last week's diversion to get comfortable with drawing on the iPad, I'm back to working through Draw a Box


1h 10m
The reference I drew from today was actually one I drew 3 weeks ago. In the pencil/paper sketch I didn't want to shade the left half b/c I was worried I'd mess up the sketch. Comparing the two is a nice example of how I'm more willing to shade more boldly on the iPad since erasing is so much easier digitally


2h 5m
Not feeling too great with drawing ellipses and controlling their degree of rotation. I'll do a page or two of ellipse tables next week to brush up here

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First time trying to draw textures -- I tried to draw the cast shadows of a crumpled piece of paper from reference, but I don't think I did a great job


2h 25m
Textures: paper, scales, and rope

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2h 25m
Textures: once more!