Art Home School: Overview and Syllabus

"Art home school" is my plan / process / syllabus for learning art at home, in a focused and structured manner, while working a full-time job in a non-art industry.

It's largely based on these two resources

So far my entire art experience is only ~30 hours of gesture and figure drawing practice over the past month (pic below).

The Process

Each week I'll work on a different unit. Units are focused on a single topic (e.g Head anatomy 1), and take ~100 hours of practice spread across 3 to 4 weeks.

Time breakdown

  • 3 hours on weekdays
  • 5 hours on weekends
  • 25 hours a week total

I'll be time tracking everything using Timelines

Litmusik is incredibly inspirational to me, having created an art home school plan for himself and writing updates on his progress every week since October 2020. I'll be following in his steps and posting progress updates every week.

Each Term (2 months)

  • Start: Assess the scheduled units for this term and make changes if necessary. Plan materials to study from for each unit.
  • End: Evaluate process and progress. Write a blog post on what I've learned, how I've grown and stumbling blocks. Showcase the work I'm most proud of.

Each week

  • Start: Create a rough list of exercises to complete for each unit, and a schedule for what unit to study each day.
  • End: Blog post showing all my drawings for the week, my thoughts on my progress and what needs work, thoughts on the unit materials, and stumbling blocks with the process.

Syllabus for June 2022 through January 2023

Term 1, June/July

Figure Drawing 1

Head Anatomy 1: The Loomis Method

Perspective 1: Draw a Box Part 1

Term 2, August/September

Perspective 2: Draw a Box Part 2

Figure Drawing 2

Term 3, October/November

Composition & Storytelling 1

Figure Drawing 3: The Constructive + Reilly Method

Term 4, December/January

Head anatomy 2

Perspective 3: Finish Draw a Box

Color & light 1