• Doing freelance python software development
  • Playing around with Blender and GLSL shaders
  • Practicing Intermezzo No 2 (Brahms) and Rise (Riot) on piano

Where I've Worked

Software Engineer - (Freelance), 2023 - Present

  • Variety of contract projects for startups including: data ETL systems, web interfaces, backend APIs, and data eng

Numerai - Software Dev (Full-time), 2020 - 2022

  • Launched Supreme, Numerai's high-return fund
  • Led development of Signals, Numerai's "bring your own data" tournament
  • Developed a suite of research frameworks and metrics for internal models
  • Myriad of website / research / data pipeline development and maintenance
  • Python, Docker, PostgreSQL, Elixir, GraphQL, React, Javascript, AWS, CircleCI

Reduct Video - Software Dev (Contract), 2020

  • NLP tag and highlight suggestions, and React development

Layer6 AI Research Lab - ML Dev (Intern), 2019

  • ML fraud detection. Placed 72nd out of 6000+ teams in a Kaggle comp
  • Real-time face recognition

SickKids Hospital - ML Dev (Part-time), 2019

  • Similarity search for a database of over 100 million medical images

Things I've Done

  • Built a rendering engine with Vulkan
  • Wrote about modern GPUs and the Vulkan graphics API
  • Recreated the intro of the demoscene classic Intrinsic Gravity on ShaderToy
  • Competed at Canadian nationals for the board game Go