After 6 months and 350+ hours, I finally finished my art portfolio application for animation at Sheridan.

This is the hardest I've ever worked on a project. Many late nights, abused caffeine for the first time, and accidentally lost a few pounds.

From my art teacher

"If you need some last minute motivation, look at the drawings you made when you started studying with me in October -- you're one of the most driven, hard working, and improved students I've ever worked with"


Sheridan portfolios are due in February, and the workload is overwhelming. I need to create portfolio pieces for life drawing, hand anatomy, character design, storyboards, animation, interior and exterior layouts, and 5 personal pieces

For all of these areas I'm not quite where I need to be, so I'm working as hard as I can to improve quickly, but to be honest I'm feeling a bit stretched thin

Every day I'm drawing at the library from 10am to 8pm. Lord give me the strength to finish this project



The fantasy characters below are ones I designed back in October, but this time I tried working with color for the first time. Really pleased with how good they look despite only being colored with flats, shadows, and highlights

Spent a lot of time drawing figures, and for the first time, hands -- they're tricky, but these videos by Sinix and Marco Bucci really helped me


I left my job as a data engineer to study art full-time! I made an animated music video to celebrate.

Having the creation of art being my purpose every day (as opposed to working, then drawing a bit in the evening) has been a change that I’m still getting used to.

Most of my days have been spent drawing on Waterloo and Laurier campus, and taking breaks to play on public pianos.